1. Woe even amazon is in in #flash14 managing to deliver this book on the movie Blow Up and it’s influence on photography (at Ian McCausland Photography)

  2. As part of #flash14 my show The Strength of Her is now online http://www.ianmccausland.com/The-Strength-of-Her

  3. #winnipeg

  4. at Fort Garry Place

  5. at Fort Garry Place

  6. The typical shopper (at Fort Garry Place)

  7. Fort Garry Place Mall. Designed to look like old world Europe, why wouldn’t you want to be here? Now a mall full of city of #Winnipeg offices which make the faux baroque even more bizzaire (at Fort Garry Place)

  8. #flash14 starts tomorrow for the whole month of Oct! Celebrate photography in #winnipeg with a variety of shows and talks throughout the month

  9. Iphone6+ Not too big but so slippery! I’d almost say they’ve designed something that demands a case (at Apple Store)

  10. Ironically this is the best way for me to get a shot with @brianbowmanwpg these days. He’s busy working hard to earn your support! Hardest working guy I know, never stands still!